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Theme #77, Murder

More SWRPG based fic! ^^

Title: Phantomness Datatrack 1
Author: Shadow/Phantomness
Pairing: Phantom x Phantomness
Fandom: Pokémon
Theme: #77, Murder
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Pokemon belongs to Nintendo and Shogakukan Comics. This non-profit, non-copyright infringing fanfiction belongs to me under international copyright laws and taking it is plagiarism. Thank you. *Phantomness bows* Star Wars belongs to George Lucas.
Notes: <> for telepathy, ** for thoughts, italics if a pokemon talks
Warnings: AU, het, incest, OC death

They’re only supposed to be used for self-defense.
Phantomness studies the lightsabers on her desk; her white dagger and Phantom’s black one. She shrugs, decides to leave them behind, winds her lasso around her waist and pulls on her black jacket, hiding the holsters of poisoned needles on her sleeves.
< Are you sure you don’t need my company? > Phantasmeon asks.
< I’m sure you’d enjoy keeping me company, but if I brought you, Flanoir might be suspicious. > Phantomness said dryly.
< You don’t have to sneak around, you know. You are the Master, not her. >
< I’d rather she keep her illusions. > Phantomness replies. < I’ll have Misdreavus and Ninetales and Flareon. That should be enough. It’s only a simple trade. >
Phantasmeon shrugs. < I only ask because I care. >
< As much as you care for any one. I know. > She gives him a quick hug, checks her equipment one last time, and then teleports away.
Phantasmeon settles himself on her bed and goes to sleep.

“So,” Phantomness says, as she talks to the man. “What do you have for me?”
“Six shipments of fortified bacta, as per order.” The man said, giving her an oily bow. Phantomness gave him a tight-lipped smile in response, before he leaned in closer.
“Of course, if you were interested in any of my …extras …”
Phantomness’s eyes flashed white for a moment, causing him to step back. “No thank you.” One quick mind probe was enough – she had no wish to drug up her acquaintances here in the Lifepod, so long as she got her medical supplies, untainted, she would not bother with his ‘extras’.
“Very well. I have a new order for you.”
The Healer glanced at the datapad casually. The face was not familiar, but she would have little problem tracking her down.
“Any particular reason why you chose this one?”
“She’s been a thorn in our side for several years. Her… zealous methods of investigation are cramping our trade network.”
“Ah.” The Healer smirked. “Very well.”

“She operates out of Lifepod twenty-three, I believe.”
“How soon do you wish for it to be done?”
“As soon as possible.”
“Then I’ll take care of it tonight.”
“Oh, I do have one warning.” Was that a shark’s smile of sharp white teeth? “I’ve heard her vibro-axe is quite contentious.”
Phantomness gave a curt nod before she turned, black cloak eddying around her. “I see.”
“If, by some miracle, you succeed…” The man continued, “I may just be able to obtain replacement parts for those mechanical limbs you requested.”
“I don’t believe in miracles.” Phantomness said bluntly. “Simply results. You know how to contact me.”
The man nodded. He did indeed, have a private com-link channel. With that said, he called his assistants in from the ship, three of them, and they began moving the supplies to the Center.

Flanoir met them at the Front Desk with a smile, and cheerfully began to help unloading. Chansey bustled up to help.
Some part of Flanoir’s mind noted Phantomness’s absence, but a brush along their training bond revealed nothing of import. The Healer’s apprentice shrugged and turned her attention to her task. She would feel it if something happened, she was sure.

Phantomness carefully wove another layer of Force concealment into her shields, a half-smile crossing her lips as she slipped a hand into her cloak, removing a pristine white mask. Slipping it over her face, she felt better.
After all, her name was her calling, and she would sing the death-songs while her brother watched in approval.
It was all right.

The flight to Lifepod 23 was swift, despite the slight snag they ran into along the way – apparently a sandstorm had started brewing in some areas. But Xatu had skillfully maneuvered through the wreckage, and now, the two of them stood in front of the administration building.
< Master, she is still at work. > The bird reported, after a psychic scan.
< At this time of night? Well, she is dedicated. > Phantomness said. < Pity. >
< Master… Are you certain that this is the best way? >
< Why Xatu, you’ve never questioned me before. > Phantomness said dryly. < Why now? >
< Your Padawan… >
< Would not approve, which is why she will know nothing of this. >
Xatu gave a worried chirp, but said no more.
< You didn’t really think I was going soft, did you? >
There was no reply, and Phantomness recalled Xatu with a frown.

Julia Elizabeth stifled a yawn as she glanced over the latest reports. She sighed. Although there was no outright evidence of wrongdoing, she had heard rumors, and was not quite ready to give Lifepod 96 the benefit of the doubt, what with the recent surge in Sith activity nearby.
It could be related to the smuggling charges she was trying to press.
The Tarc woman sighed. She and a small clan had left their home world, trying to find a new place to settle, preferably with easy access to an aquatic area. She had found one, but it had been very difficult to convince the locals that she was not dangerous, and was in fact working for the benefit of them all.
Pirates and smugglers were dangerous, and anyone bringing prohibited items to any Lifepod should be charged, convicted, and killed.
Perhaps she thought too highly of her position, but in any case, it was getting late. With a yawn, she carefully closed her eyes and leaned back in the modified chair, enjoying the feel of the soft fabric.
It was hard though, accepting the few humans and other… creatures that lived here on Nomekop. Luckily, this Lifepod was mostly home to her clan, and she dealt with them fairly and friendly. Tarc were not known for their tolerance of other species, but she clamped down on her instincts as best she could, and thought she had done well. The few skirmishes had been dealt with, carefully masked in political policy, so she was relatively safe.
A footstep sounded, and she frowned. Who would be calling at this hour?
The door opened.

The woman that entered was a human female, but not one whom she recognized. Julia Elizabeth narrowed her eyes, feeling her antennae stand on end. There was something wrong, a feeling she could not ignore.
“Who are you? Why are you here?” She demanded gruffly.
“Julia Elizabeth, I presume?” A cool voice asked.
“Yes? State your business and be brief.”
“I’ve heard about your investigations into Lifepod 96.” The woman said. “Surely that is none of your concern.”
Julia’s eyes narrowed, before she stood. “Everything that enters this airspace is my concern.”
“Oh?” A note of irony had entered. “I did not know that the government had granted you such… authority.”
Orange orbs flashed in anger. “Whether I have the authority or not is none of your concern. If they are trading beyond reasonable limits – one suspicious transaction, and the operation will be shut down at once!”
“That was all I wanted to hear,” The woman murmured quietly, before she blurred into motion. Julia cursed, before grabbing her vibro-axe from where it lay close by. Whatever this woman was, she would not go down without a fight!

Phantomness flicked her wrists easily, sending a half dozen poisoned needles sailing towards the Tarc woman. They all made contact, but the tough exoskeleton prevented any damage, and they bounced off like so many steel pins. The Sith frowned, mentally calculating.
Perhaps leaving her lightsaber behind had not been the wisest choice…
Julia swung angrily, ignoring the weapons like so many flies. They were not her concern. How dare this impertinent woman come in here!
She swung, the blade vibrating as her pincers clicked and clacked in anticipation.
Well, the foolish human would pay now!

Water-type, Phantomness thought idly, or at least preferring an aquatic environment, though they adapted to live in the deserts of Hjaff… perhaps an electric move would work…
Lightning gathered on her fingertips, bluish white, and with a wave of her arm, she sent Dark Force Lightning streaming fourth.
Julia’s eyes widened, as she jumped, dodged, before blocking the next wave. She laughed triumphantly.
“Oh ho, so you’re one of those legendary Sith? I’ve wanted to fight one. I must admit that I’m disappointed!”
Phantomness grimly set her teeth, pooling lightning for a third wave. With another sweep of her vibro-axe, Julia blocked, gaily.
“You fool! This is reinforced with cortosis metal to withstand even a lightsaber blade! The Force will not be your ally!”
Sith. She would be doing the galaxy a favor by eliminating scum like this!

Phantomness dodged, eyes glinting gold as she evaded Julia’s movements. She had to admit though, that the woman had a point. Although she was still fast, her Force-enhanced speed was slowing as she spent time in close proximity to that damned axe. It was too hard to aim at that one soft spot of exoskeleton below the throat, and she doubted her lasso would work well… well then…
She might as well call her allies.
One thought, one shimmer, and then Flareon and Ninetales were there, translucent ghosts, but powerful enough to channel and wield flames at their Mistress’s bidding.
“Fire Blast!” Phantomness snapped. The two nodded, blowing out steady streams of phantasm flame.
“What…” Julia stared, before she hastily dodged first one torrent than the other, singeing part of her uniform with a grimace when she wasn’t fast enough. “What are those creations?”
“Allies, and friends.” Phantomness said calmly.
“You have no honor!” The Tarc spat.
“Honor never saved lives.” Phantomness shrugged, before her eyes hardened. “But considering I actually had to waste time with you, it’d be a pity to die. Then again, I’m none too fond of puppeteering, so…”
She ducked and rolled as the Tarc made another wild swing at her, enraged. Smiled.
Took out a poke ball, depressed a button.
Phantomness narrowed her eyes, expecting a pokémon. What she saw instead made her step back and suck in a breath.

“I’m only evening the odds.” Julia gave a tight-lipped grin, as the ysalamir climbed onto her shoulder.

This… could be tricky. All living things carried within them a bit of Force, and as for her soul-bound pokemon, it was lucky they were bound to her and not directly to the Force, but it would still be difficult.
Flareon cocked an ear, as Ninetails crept up behind the woman and sank ghostly teeth into her leg with a Bite attack.
Julia jumped, startled, as Phantomness readied another half-dozen needles, watching as they whistled through the air. The ysalamir squeaked in surprise and outrage, shaking and hissing.
Julia blinked.
“I don’t use Force for everything.” Phantomness said dryly. Still, she could feel exhaustion hovering nearby, the reservoir of Dark Force she was using being eaten, swallowed by the innocuous tree-dweller.
Keeping Ninetales and Flareon out now would take too much energy. She would have to finish things quickly. The two wisped away, faded into nothingness, as she readied her lasso.
… That was when Julia threw the ysalamir at her.

Startled, Phantomness fell to the ground with the salamander clinging to her tightly. Her eyes widened as she felt the creature greedily slurping up the anger, the hate, and her power…
Julia smiled confidently. This woman was weak. Too weak!
She raised her vibro-axe to give the finishing blow, and brought it down gleefully, only to encounter an obstruction short of her goal.
The lightsaber hissed and sparkled, black light glinting from its core.
“It’s not nice to hit people when they’re down, you know.” The man said casually. Julia stared at him in disbelief.
How? When? Why was he here? Who was he?

Phantom gave the situation a quick once-over, narrowed his eyes at the ysalamir, decided to deal with the more imminent threat first, and went to it with a will. Julia backed up, fending off the strikes as best she could, wondering whom this man was – and how could he have so much power? He looked frail!
She swung, miscalculated, and watched in horror as the head of her axe was sheared off, landing in the distance.
“Good-bye.” Phantom said quietly, before he drove his lightsaber through her chest.
That settled; he turned to see how Phantomness was doing. His sister pried the dead ysalamir off her body with a grimace of disgust.
“I hate playing damsel in distress.” She muttered.
“I know,” Phantom soothed. “Are you hurt?”
“Only in pride.”
He chuckled as he helped her up. “Then we’ll just have to work on that. You really should have brought your lightsaber, you know. Our unconventional weapons don’t always… work.”
“I’ll remember that next time.” Phantomness said bluntly.
“And what about the traces?”
“I’ll get to that.” She promised. “First though, we’d better get rid of that.”
Phantom shrugged and scooped up the ysalamir, finding the nearest recycler, and tossing it inside. Phantomness browsed through Julia’s files for a few moments, deleted several, and then nodded.
“We’re good.”
The two of them teleported away and moments later, the building burst into harsh, bloody flames.
There would be no evidence now…

“Master, you’re back!” Flanoir greeted them cheerfully. “We’ve finished unloading all the supplies.”
“Thank you, Flanoir.” Phantomness said. She watched as her apprentice bounded off, before going to her room and thumbing on her comlink.
“Mission accomplished.” She said quietly.
There was a chuckle on the other end. “All right. Expect delivery in two weeks.”

Three months later, Phantomness was doing repairs on Flanoir’s mechanical hand while her Padawan slept. Phantasmeon watched, amused, and wondered.
What would she say if she knew?
It did not really matter. Lifepod 96 was quite safe from those damned, high-flown rules and regulations.
They could continue their work, be it for a noble cause or no.
Besides, killing that weird oversized crab had been fun.
With that thought, the ghost eevelution bounded off in search of a snack, and Phantomness’s eyes flashed in amusement.

End Fic
Started 6/17/07
Completed 6/21/07
… Because it’s canon for Phantomness to engage in smuggling, questionable purchases, and assassinations for hire. And I still can’t quite figure out where this fits in timeline, though I’d set it pretty early – 6 or 7 ABY.

Thank you, Wikipedia and Wookiepedia, you were very informative!

… Do not ask why I picked the name Julia Elizabeth. I know she’s an alien, but it just fits.

Whee! Ysalamir!

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