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Theme 3) Devotion

Again, probably only phantomness is going to get this... sorry there's more RPG elements than pokemon. I'll try to work that out.

Theme 3) Devotion

S’oo lightly touched the shoulder of his friend and former apprentice. Kenneth did not turn.


There was no response.

“Kenneth, you must leave now.” S’oo looked up at the object of his friend’s attention. “It is not good for you to be obsessing about this. There is nothing to be done now.”

A smile touched the lips of the former Jedi.

“Nothing? Is that really so?” the words were more contemplative than directed at S’oo. “I wonder if that is what we would have said three years ago.”

S’oo could sense that the human was in one of his destructive moods. He would have to be careful until it wore off. Being a H’nemthe, especially being S’ooihae the H’nemthe, he was very experienced in emotions. Right now, Kenneth was controlling his emotions very well but who knew when he might crack. From past experience, he seemed to be fairly emotionally fragile for a human...

“We have to leave Kenneth.” S’oo repeated his plea.

Kenneth merely shook his head.

“She’s too important to leave like this. You couldn’t make me leave at the height of your abilities S’oo. Not me.”

The two stood in silence for a minute longer before S’oo tried a different approach.

“What is it that fascinates you about this statue Kenneth? I have heard tell that you spend an hour once a week out here.”

Kenneth shoved his hands into his pockets.

“I don’t like this thing S’oo.” He said. “It’s like it’s… dirty.”


“Maybe… insulting. Like it cheapens who she was. What she did. She never would have wanted this.”

“Hmm, it does not surprise me that you see it this way. You must let it be though. There is nothing short of an illegal act to help you relieve this feeling.”

The following silence spoke more for Kenneth than words could have.

“I did not mean-“

“Don’t worry S’oo. I won’t tear it down in the middle of the night. She wouldn’t like that either.”

Kenneth sighed.

“Not much I can do about it, is there?”

“No. Not really.”

“I suppose you are going to tell me to learn to live with it while remembering who she really was?”

“Perhaps I might.”

Kenneth rubbed the back of his neck.

“S’oo, it never really stops hurting, does it?”

S’ooihae placed his hands inside his robe and turned to Kenneth.

“What is that?”

“The loss. The knowledge that, someone is gone forever, and there was nothing you could have done to save them. Not even to stop them from going.”

“Yes Kenneth. It does go away. Your trouble is, you do not believe what you have just said. The day that you do, the pain will cease to exist.”

Kenneth smiled.

“The trouble is, I don’t know if I want it to.”

And for those who know about it, the Chevy Autobot game is frustrating once you hit level 5... You get no life bonus from there but drones slam you at +100 to attack each level...
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