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Have a few more ready to go.

I wrote about 9 of these while LJ was out the other day. Think I'll hold em to one a day so I pace myself on writing more.

Theme 2) Soul


The scruffy faced man turned away from the mirror, revealing the half of his face that was shaved smooth.

“Yeah Nathaniel?”

“When Pocha… when he didn’t wake up, what happened? Is he still asleep in that box S’oo made?”

Kenneth paused in his shaving and simply looked at his reflection.

“Flanoir told me that Pocha’s soul, the part of him connected to the Force, was one with the Force now. Where is that?”

Kenneth placed his razor on the counter and turned to the boy.

“Nathaniel, see when a person dies, a person mind you, his soul, well, it doesn’t die. A lot of people believe different things about what happens after that and not just between alien races, between the different human races too. See, their soul, that is, a person’s soul, isn’t really… attached… to your body, like, an arm or your hair.”

“I saw Mrs. Jenks again yesterday. Her hair isn’t-“

“Yes and we talked about leaving Mrs. Jenks alone about that didn’t we? I don’t want to have to intervene again.” Kenneth scratched the back of his neck. “Ithorians yell louder than humans.”

“They don’t have hair either.”

“Sure. You’re right.”

“So, Pocha’s soul went away from his body and went somewhere else?”


“I bet it went back to that ice field. That’s where we found him. He liked it there I think.”

Kenneth kneeled down next to Nathaniel and held his shoulders gently.

“Nathaniel… see, pokémon, that is, animals, well, they don’t really have… souls.”

Nathaniel cocked his head to one side.

“They don’t?”

“Uh, no. Not really. See, animals just… they exist for food and for, well, marveling at really. Companionship maybe, some of them, but… I don’t think…”

“But Mrs. Jenks does?”

Kenneth looked to the side as if someone might be watching him.

“Well, I think so. She’s not an animal per se…”

“And Oggls the junk man?”

“I suppose-“

“What about Aunt Dot?”

Kenneth paused.

“She’s kind of… a simple species but I guess she’s not just some giant microbe or something. Sure. Aunt Dot probably has a soul.”

“So, un-humans have a soul?”

“Well yeah. Non-humans have souls I guess.”

“Oh.” Nathaniel pondered this a moment. “Then I guess I’ll see Pocha after my soul goes away. I’ll have to remember to visit in that icy field.”

Nathaniel hopped off the footstool leaving behind a baffled, half-shaven man trying to figure out what had just been said.

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