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First post

At the urging of our Friendly Neighborhood Phantomness, I've got some new small pieces to post.

Every one of the 100 on here is going to be based on a Pokemon/Star Wars RPG that we wrote two years ago (that long?). I'll post permissions as they are needed from their authors.

Either way, here's the breakdown:

Phantomness owned by phantomness
Mason Retorian owned by MalionX
S'ooihae owned by kiohl
Flanoir and Luin owned by Jolty
Kenneth and Nathaniel owned by ophyjgjhnfn
Pokemon and names owned by Nintendo

And for my standards:

Italics as a whole sentence or paragraph usually mean thoughts. This includes telepathy.

Theme 1) Gift

Kenneth crept across the floor toward the open door in front of him. He stubbed his toe on a chair directly in front of him and held back a choice word from his homeworld. It wouldn’t do to teach Nathaniel any of those words, would it? The dark did not help matters much. The young man side-stepped the chair and slammed his shins into the table next to it. His lips were like a dilapidated old dam struggling to hold back the spring floods.

To the right, the right! The table is to the left from the back of the room.

Kenneth waited to see if his charge would come flopping into the room in his little slippers like he always did when Kenneth tried to sneak around their rooms. It seemed that ever since Kenneth had taken in his little brother, his reflexes, his senses, everything was out of whack. Nothing worked right anymore. Hearing nothing from the back bedroom gave him the confidence he needed to continue on. Leaning over to touch the sides of the table, Kenneth scooted around the room using touch alone.

If only I had Xatu with me now…things would be so easy if I could simply teleport outside the room.

But he didn’t. Xatu was sleeping peacefully next to Nathaniel. The bird pokémon had taken an instant liking to the boy; an oddity since most birds generally stayed well away from him. He didn’t have much luck with dogs either… other than Flanoir’s Houndoom of course. So many dark pokémon…

“I think it’s just five more ste-“

The boot Kenneth had asked Nathaniel, told Nathaniel, twice that day to put away, was still on the floor. In his way. Kenneth’s cat-like reflexes negated by the darkness combined with the unwelcome intruder to create the single loudest noise the Center had experienced in the past month.

When all was said and done, Phantomness appeared out of nowhere and flicked on the lights. Kenneth was buried in toys, gear, and dirty clothes. S’oo and Mason stood at Kenneth’s side; S’oo shaking his head and Mason giving Kenneth an arm up. Flanoir and Luin blinked back sleep in their eyes off to one side. And Nathaniel… Nathaniel came padding out of the back room, into the small kitchenette, rubbing his eyes the whole way, poured a cup of water, and curled up on an arm chair to go back to sleep. He hadn’t seen a thing.

Kenneth meanwhile shooed the late night guests away and pulled a crudely wrapped box out from behind the front door. He set it on the table in front of Nathaniel’s arm chair and patted him on the head.

“Night Nathaniel. Happy birthday.”

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