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Theme 3: Devotion

First post!

I bring you, uh, Tucker x Victor. It's a... Half pointless fic, half songfic, half experimental. Wait... That's three halves! o.O;
Anyway, Shonen-Ai Warning and stuff.

Moreover, English isn't my first language, so, if you find any mistakes, please tell me. Also, can you guess the song? >.>

Telepathy between square brackets.

3) Devotion

This was weird. Usually, he didn't take losses THAT hard.

As usual, he had smiled in front of the camera, shaken his opponent's hand and exhorted the audience to celebrate the winner with a grand applause, even though it wasn't him this time.

But, once backstage...

Worriedly, Victor walked up to the door to Tucker's dressing room. The music coming from it, a loud disco tune, filled the entire hallway. And just as he had feared, the door was locked. And with music that loud, knocking would have been a waste of time.

Victor sighed and leaned back against the wall next to the door. He knew that song. It was one of those songs Tucker listened to when feeling down, songs that sounded happy, but whose lyrics were melancholy.

Under his breath, Victor started whispering the words along with the song, half-singing.
"You did what you did to me
Now it's history, I see,
Here's my comeback on the road again
Things will happen while they can,
I will wait here for my man tonight...

The Latias frantically rushed into the hallway and reached for the door, not acknowledging Victor standing next to it. Well, the Latias didn't look like a Latias at all, being disguised as a tall, blonde-haired young woman. But Victor knew it was her.
Of course, the Latias found the door locked. The sadness in her expression deepened, and she started knocking forcefully against the door, in wild, graceless gestures that showed that sometimes she had still trouble controlling human limbs.

"Leave him alone." Victor spoke up, one arm reaching out to calm the disguised Legendary.

The Latias finally looked at him, and she looked on the verge of tears.
[But I need to see him!] She protested telepathically.

Victor shook his head, placing a hand on the Latias' shoulder. "You know how he gets... When he's in that state, he doesn't want anyone to see him."

The Latias wiped one of her eyes with the back of her hand and sobbed loudly. A noise that sounded highly unnatural, coming from a human girl... And there were still other people in the corridor...

Victor lunged forward to prevent the Latias from giving herself away, seizing her in a hug, making sure her cries were now muffled against his jacket. "Come, come..." Victor said to her calmly.

Unexpectedly, the Latias didn't refuse the hug. Instead, she wrapped her arms around Victor, which resulted in him blushing. He knew that sexy woman was actually a Pokémon, but still, there they were, hugging each other...

Suddenly, the music stopped. Immediately after, the sound of a door being first unlocked, then opened. Tucker's tall, muscular figure appeared within the door frame, and Victor and the Latias immediately turned around to look at him, while still hugging each other.

Tucker smiled broadly, his face as even and handsome as usual, even though Victor knew he had probably been crying. "Having fun behind my back?"

Victor immediately stiffened, and let go of the Latias, who, her sadness already forgotten, happily bounced forward and hugged Tucker in much the same manner as she had done to Victor just a moment before. Geez, she was so innocent...

"We were both very worried about you, is all." Victor said, suddenly feeling the need to scratch the back of his neck.

"Worried about ME?" Tucker beamed. He kissed the Latias on the forehead, and then laughed briefly. "You should know the Dome Ace always falls on his feet!"

"Well, you sure gave me doubts about that, this time..." Victor objected, sighing.

"Never doubt me, my friend!" Tucker said, going back inside while leaving the door open. One of his arms was wrapped around the Latias' waist, the other was in the air, with the index finger wiggling in a playful, chiding gesture addressed to Victor.

Victor followed him inside, and immediately noticed something was out of place. "... Is this tobacco I smell?"

Tucker whirled around to face him, still smiling broadly. "Why, yes, it is."

Victor winced, his face contorting in horror. "You've been SMOKING? AGAIN?"

Tucker tilted his head. "You know how rarely I do that. Besides, there's no danger... I make them myself." He waved an arm in the direction of his dressing table, and Victor immediately noticed an unfamiliar item, a square, tin box decorated with a picture of a Charmeleon about to perform a Smokescreen, with the caption Mind if I smoke?.

Victor looked at it in disgust. "I hope it's really just tobacco and not something else."

Tucker laughed loudly. "I'm not that desperate yet, my dear."

"So what was that about?" Victor asked, his face serious.

Tucker looked perplexed for a moment, then smiled again. "Heh, it's not important now. It belongs to the past." He turned and looked deep into the Latias' face. "Like a May rose wilting under the June sun..." He leaned forward, his lips meeting the disguised Pokémon's. A moment after, he was tongue-kissing her passionately.

Alarmed, Victor lunged for the door and closed it. He stared at the closed door for a few minutes, not wanting to look at Tucker and the Latias making out... How could he do that to one of his Pokémon? Well, of course, her disguise was hot, but that didn't excuse anything...

When he turned to face them again, he immediately wished he hadn't.
"Do I need to see this?" Victor protested.

"You weren't looking." Tucker remarked. Kissing the Latias one last time, he moved her away from his lap and stood up from the chair in front of the makeup table. He began undressing... Well, actually, he had already started while Victor wasn't looking. "I still have to get over letting that Horn Drill hit." He remarked, sighing. "I made several mistakes, but that's the one I can't forgive myself."

"That was a really fast Nidoking..." Victor remarked.

"I know. Your point?" For a moment, the Dome Ace sounded annoyed, and Victor immediately understood that lingering on that subject wasn't the right thing to do. "I should have taken it down with Swampert right away..."

Victor decided not to comment.

"By the way, Victor, I've healed Salamence, but he's still pretty worn out. Can you drive me and Latias home?"

"Sure." Victor said, nodding.

At his answer, Tucker looked elated. "Thanks, darling!" He was, by now, only in his underwear, but, nevertheless, he quickly pranced towards Victor and hugged him tightly. "You're a real angel!"

Victor froze in surprise, and also because those muscular arms binding him didn't allow him to do much else. Those arms... He had felt them on his body so many times and under a variety of circumstances, but right now they felt especially... Needing? That hug seemed an act of spontaneous joy, but Victor could feel a hint of... Desperation coming from Tucker.

His thoughts, however, were immediately diverted as Tucker started whispering in his ear, his voice hoarse and sensuous.
"I can never thank you enough for being there for me... You always bear with me, even when I'm being a bitch." The sentence was followed by a proposal, with a little play on the word Tucker had just used.

And, like many other times, Victor felt he had no choice but accept.

Hugging each other in a dressing room where the scent of roses was interspersed with the stark smell of tobacco, each of them depended on the other, each of them clung to the other for assurance and survival.

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