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Theme 4) Wings

So, continuing our (almost) daily updates... This is all my character Nathaniel.

Wings are beautiful.

Wings may just be the prettiest thing of any world.

The wings of a flying creature are so elegant. Flying pokémon wings may perhaps be some of the better wings of all other flying creatures.

I prefer Articuno myself. But I’ve never seen one in person. Just in carvings. With that in mind, I suppose the best wings I know of that I’ve seen in person are from the Pidgey family. Their wings are just about the same as the regular birds, but there’s just something…

I like to chase Pidgey. Sometimes Pidgeotto. I don’t think it’s a good idea to chase Pidgeot though. Those things are huge. Almost as big as me. I still like to play games with the Pidgey around the ‘pod though. They’re fun. Pidgey and Pidgeotto don’t take off very fast, so I can sneak up behind them and scare them. I’ve even caught a few.

My brother thinks I should leave the Pidgey alone. He doesn’t like that I go out at weird times of the night just to chase around a few birds. I guess he might be right. But it’s so fun!
Ooh! There’s one now. See the dirty white wings? So fluffy when they’re all huddled up by the body. I just love Pidgey.

Brother also doesn’t like that I’ve started eating Pidgey. He thinks that eating pokémon isn’t as good as eating ‘regular animals.’ He says that pokémon should be friends, not food. I say Pidgey are sweet. But I also say they taste better than sand lizards. Brother doesn’t know very many dishes. I’d rather eat in the Center.

Ah! It’s going to get away. Have to go. I need to catch this Pidgey. I’m getting hungry.

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